Pooja Fireworks
"Crack your day with Crackers!" Get more bangs for your bucks!


Welcome to the Pooja Fireworks website! Based in Sivakasi, South India, Pooja Fireworks is the World's largest manufacturer of Pyrotechnic products. The company has also expanded its boundaries overseas as Pooja Fireworks and works in Tamilnadu Technical collaboration.

Pooja Fireworks website is a showcase of the manufactured products and an interactive portal for direct communication with customers. "Having spent nearly four decades in sharpening a sword", Pooja has completed a wonderful evolution after its efforts in Quality. Without end-point for efforts and no end for service, Pooja is on the way all the time and it believes in the maxim that Actions speak louder than words.

The company's zeal to manufacture high quality products and create brand leaders, soon paid rich dividends when the brands gained market prominence and signified the emergence of Tamilnadu Pyrotechnics giant.

About Us

Pooja Fireworks is one of the premier consumer fireworks company in Sivakasi, Tamilnadu. Pooja Fireworks is proceeding to expand its growth rate with new stores throughout the country. Pooja has a network of dealers throughout Tamilnadu as a pioneer in the sales of consumer fireworks. Pooja has built a reputation for excellent quality, value and extensive product variety that has set up a standard in the fireworks industry.

Pooja Catalogue features 201's of fireworks items including Pooja's exclusive Pooja Brand and Pooja SPARKLERS Brand of fire works products and merchandise. Unique, versatile packaging designs are among the best in the world. Coronation's various bag, box and toy fireworks assortments are filed with the top performing items in each fireworks category innovative trick and novelty and Class 7 (UN0336) products have attracted customers. Pooja Fireworks efforts to ensure the sale and manufacture of safe and legal fIreworks are unparalleled.

Types of Fireworks

  • Noise (Crackers)
  • Light (Sparkers)
  • Motion (Rockets)
  • Mixture of Noise, Light, Motion (Fancy or Display)